LadyBiker? Lynnguist? It's Lynn

Motorcycle Riding is my passion in life and LDT (long distance touring) is my ‘thing’. Moto-camping is the least expensive way to do it. I ride 25 to 30 thousand miles per year and have done for nearly 50 years, although not so much in the early days. My other hobby is linguistics and I’m crazy about dogs.
Fixing stuff is fun and my job is one of the best possible.

Current bikes:
18 Honda Goldwing
17 Honda ST1300
16 Honda ST1300
15 BMW F800GT
14 Honda CTX1300D (for sale)
14 Honda VFR800
08 Honda CBR1000RR (for sale)
97 Honda Valkyrie
81 Honda CB750k

My dogs have a Polaris Sportsman 570

I would buy a car, but obviously I can’t afford one.

Humor is my friend, my dog is my best friend.

Miss Apache
Daisy Mae
RIP Zorro (Big Z) 10/31/2012
Big Z in Payson

I’m sometimes lacking a brain-to-mouth filter.

Monolingualism is curable.
El moto turismo es la pasión de mi vida.

A veces me falta un filtro entre el cerebro y la boca.

Se puede curar el monolingüismo.

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